Instrument Rentals

Do I need to buy or rent a violin, viola or cello if I take your class?

North Albany Elementary provides violins or violas for beginning students. NAE intermediate students will need to rent an instrument. South Shore Elementary provides violins, violas and cellos for all students. South Shore has a very limited number of cellos, so students should be prepared to rent or do violin or viola as an alternative. These school instruments are free of cost to use, but are to be returned when classes are done. You are financially responsible for any damage or loss of your school instrument.

Students who attend other schools are responsible for renting or purchasing their own instrument. The MVPS has instruments available for affordable rental to students who are currently enrolled in classes. Instruments are to be returned at the end of the spring term unless you enroll in a summer class. You must return your instrument immediately if you stop taking class.

MVPS violins and violas are $10 per month and cellos are $20 per month. Priority for receiving MVPS rental instruments is given to scholarship students, who will pay a reduced rental fee of $5 per month for violins/violas and $10 per month for cellos. You will pay rental for the full four-month term when you register. Students will be sized for an instrument at the Kick-Off night. The instruments will be distributed the first day of class. If you want to rent an instrument from MVPS, you must attend the Kick-Off night! There is no guarantee that you will get an instrument. If we run out of instruments, then you will need to rent one from a local music store. Albany Music and Sound and WIndsmith Music in Philomath both rent instruments.

When should I buy an instrument?

Because most elementary students play on smaller-sized instruments, we recommend that you rent rather than purchase an instrument until the child has grown into a full-sized instrument. Your instructor will be able to size your child for an instrument. Due to the large number of very low-quality instruments (often unplayable) available for purchase online and at fairs and other events, we recommend purchasing only from a reputable music store or dealer.

What happens if I break something?

When you get your school or MVPS instrument, you will sign a contract stating that you are responsible for your instrument. Please tell your instructor immediately if something breaks. You will need to pay for replacing or repairing the instrument or bow. We do many repairs in-house to keep costs down, but be aware that the standard replacement cost for a violin or viola is $200 and a cello is $600. If you break a string, you will need to purchase a replacement string. Your instructor can put the new string on. Please make sure you specify both the size of instrument and name of string (for example, 1/2 size violin "A" string) when you buy a replacement string. Strings are available at Albany Music and Sound and Gracewinds Music in Corvallis. Buy the student quality (Prelude or Red Label) strings.

Bows which are dropped or overtightened and snap off the tips will need to be replaced. Bows regularly "shed" a few of the horsehairs, but if you break most of the hair, you will need to pay for a replacement bow from MVPS, which ranges in price from $20-$40 depending on instrument and size.

Please do NOT take MVPS or school instruments to a music store for repairs. Your instructor will take it for repairs and possibly be able to supply you with a loaner while yours is being fixed. If you rent an instrument from a music store, you must take it to that store for repair. We cannot work on store rental instruments.

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